Resume Tips for Software Developer

Resume Tips for Software Developer


Of course, there is no such thing as perfect resume. What works at one company may not impress the hiring manager at another company. Every CTO or Engineering manager I know has a different set of skills or list of red flags, so unfortunately no list of tips will guarantee you a job.

However, there are several pieces of advice that are universally helpful in creating a great software Development resume.

  • It Should show your Career Trajectory

When a Hiring Manager reviews your application, he will want to see a positive and compelling career progression that fits with the role you’re applying for. If your last job was as a junior front-end developer, and now you’re applying for a back-end role, think about why this move makes sense and how employers might interpret it. Does it seem like you’re trying to build full-stack experience? Or does it seem like you’re desperately applying for any and all jobs you can find?


If you’re making a shift, an objective statement can help. Alternate option: Discuss your passion for- and less obvious experience with- back end development in your cover letter too.


  • It Should Be Customized

Along those lines, will vary with the position you’re applying for. I recommend writing a separate, master list of all your projects. Then when it comes time to compile your resume, switch out sections and projects depending on the job you’re applying for.


In other words, if the job listing says ‘’you should be familiar with c#, ‘’ add those three year old c# projects and delete something less relevant.


  • It should Be Embellished

Customized means you talk about the skills you have and how they relate to a specific role. It doesn’t mean stretch the truth so you look like a dream applicant. You’d be surprised how many developers send me resume claiming to be Highly Experienced with particular skill but when it comes time to interview, it’s something like they just began Learning.

I take this as a sign that an applicant is lying- or completely unaware of his experience level. (Either way, it pretty much ends the interview.) So, Be Honest, even about the little things.


  • It Should Utilize Keywords

So long as you’re being honest, it’s good idea to include any keywords on your resume that also appear in the job description. A lot of tech organization use keyword parsers to filter candidates who match the job description first.


  • It should include links to Professional sites you want Employers to find.

Employers will search for your social media profiles and websites, so you can make their lives easier by including these links on your resume. Additionally include your Beautiful website gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your technical chops.