Resume Tips for architect

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Resume Tips for architect


Marketing your work

A resume is your first opportunity to sell your work and experience to architecture or design firm. Most summer internships and intern architecture position will require a resume and cover letter. Your resume should highlight the key projects and experiences that best represent the skills you will need for the desired position.

Headings for resume sections

Personal Contact Information

List your name, address, phone number and email. Your email address should be professional and include your name. You may also include your personal website, if it professionally showcases your work.


Begin with the most recent degree you are pursuing or have earned. Include the institution name, city, state, year of completion of if you are pursuing the degree do mention the completion year& List degrees in reverse chronological order. You may also want to include additional educational experiences, academic programs it can be listed here.

Professional Experience

List any professional experience relating to your field, such as summer internships at architecture or construction firms. Discuss the kinds of projects you’ve worked on such as education or healthcare. List presentations you give or contributed to, clients meeting you attended as an intern or the specifics on your work in a design library.



Within your resume create detailed skills section. Add skills such as design, hand sketching, rendering, schematics and model building. Be sure to highlight your soft skills like customer service, communication, and team building. Construction and carpentry skills are often a plus. Include your experience with computer hardware and software applications such as AutoCAD, Adobe software, Microsoft and others.

Awards and honors

You can also create an awards and honors section that could include your awards, prizes, from design competitions, GPA and on-campus leadership activities and positions.

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