Are Resume Supposed to be one page

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Are Resume Supposed to be one page??


The answer is no. This old rule is dead where resume supposed to be one page. Resume can be one page it depends on how much experience you have. If you have least experience then it is going to be only in one page. But if u have lots of experience then it is going to be lengthened into two to three pages. What matters most quality over quantity you don’t have to add every award, achievements since your schooling which is not even required for your new job. It should be in concise form.


If u have done job few years ago and u have applied for a new job which are not relevant to each other than u can edit and delete those which are not mandatory for your new job. But if you have enough credentials, pertinent experience and training appertain to the position which requires more than one page then go for it.


If you do go for two pages make sure your second page doesn’t contain more white space if you are using one quarter of a page then try to condense into one page. And if you are using one and a half page then play with font and layout to use that remnant space.

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