Resume for Canada example

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Writing Resumes for Canada

When we go through the resume for Canada example, we realize that the purpose of the resume is to highlight the particular skill of the applicant which will be appreciated by the employer. In the resume the applicant is translating his or her qualification, skills and expertise into catchy words or phrases to pull the attention of the employer. The employers in Canada will not read the resumes word by word. Hence proper as well as sufficient usage of the keywords in the resume is very important. The resume represents the applicant in front of the employer and hence it should effectively display his or her skills that are required by the employer. The resume for Canada example is prepared in such a way that it enables the applicant to get selected for the job for which he has passion. Instead of copying or making adjustments in the old resume, the resume must be fresh, original and unique. The applicant should ensure that the resume speaks for him or her.

Highlight relevant accomplishments

The resume for Canada example will invariably contain the key words that are searched by the employer. When keywords are used naturally as many number of times as possible in the resume, the accomplishments of the applicants are effectively brought to the attention of the employer and this kind of a resume will certainly impress the employer. The applicant should not overlook any of the accomplishments that are relevant to the position for which the application is made. The resume for Canada example demonstrates the importance of proper inclusion of the accomplishments in the resume. The C.A.R. method is widely used for highlighting the accomplishments of the applicant in the resume. The clear and brief description of the previous positions held by the applicant should contain the challenges faced by him or her in the previous job, the actions taken by him or her to overcome the challenge and the results of his or her actions. By way of proper presentation, the employer gets convinced about his or her skills as well as the ability to apply the skills in the proper way so as to get the desired results. The resume for Canada example will have bullets to highlight the accomplishments so as to effectively illustrate the skills that are listed in the resume.

Use keywords to highlight technical skills

Job seekers face the toughest competition in the Information Technology job market. The technical skills of the applicant are very crucial in this field and hence those skills are to be properly highlighted in the resume. After going through the resume the employer must be convinced that the applicant is capable of meeting all the job requirements and solving all the problems. Industry-specific keywords play a vital role in making the resumes impressive as well as effective.

Writing a proper resume

Here are the tips to write a proper resume:

  1. Make the resume easy to read and leave sufficient white space in between words, lines and paragraphs.
  2. Start the resume with the contact information of the candidate, the position for which the application is made and a list of qualifications, skills and work experiences of the applicant.
  3. Under the sub-heading “Qualifications” the candidate should provide details of his academic qualifications, skills and accomplishments that are relevant to the position for which the application is made.
  4. Under the sub-heading “Work Experience” the applicant should mention the previous positions held by him or her in chronological order. The most recent job of the applicant should be cited on the top and the previous jobs are to be cited in the descending order. The applicant should make it a point to describe his or her role in the previous jobs thereby demonstrating his or her skills and abilities. Keywords and bullets are to be used at appropriate places.
  5. Keep in mind that a professional candidate is effectively represented by a resume that is easy to read, clear and concise.



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