How to reject a job offer

How to reject a job offer


Looking for a job means you may be applying for many positions and also giving interview at different places.  All of a sudden you may be in an enviable position having job offers from more than one. This is an awesome situation, but you must turn one of them down, that is not easy. Know here how to reject a job offer. Here is the way to craft a gracious letter and to say no by thanking them.



  • Firstly show your appreciation. Thank the hiring manager for the offer. Ensure a specific and heartfelt letter to thank for the effort and time spent on considering you as the potential candidate for that job. Let your words be as: “Thank you very much for the offer (mention the position). I appreciate you to consider me for the company and role”.
  • Secondly, give a solid reason briefing letter how to reject a job offer. If you have been interviewed for a long time, it is respectful to not leave the hiring manager without stating why you are right now declining the offer. There is no need to get into details. Put out the amazing perks in another offer that made you accept. The best is to be brief honestly the reason for rejecting the job offer, saying something as: After careful consideration, I decided to accept the job offer at another company. While this position is great opportunity, I decided to pursue with the other offer as it is offers more opportunities in pursuing my interests.
  • Thirdly, stay in touch. The job search for most people is a continuous process. However, signing off with small pleasantries is a good idea. Do say: It has been a pleasure knowing you and I hope to meet you in the future. Again, thank you for your valuable support and time.


Turning down an offer is inevitable if you have another lucrative offer your dream job. Here, it is very important to be courteous and graceful as you decline an offer. Keep the options open and at also leave a great impression. It is uncomfortable to decline a job offer, but you can do it in a perfect way. Just know these simple steps of how to reject a job offer.


Helpful Tips


  • Rejecting over the Phone a Job Offer. First call promptly the moment you know you cannot accept the position. Delaying unnecessarily will put your potential employers into trouble in hiring another suitable candidate. Be efficient in rejecting the offer.
  • First, be thankful; appreciate the offer and how you felt comfortable. Use few adjectives as thoughtful, professional, and welcoming or that suits the best. Do not overdo. Stop with two to three sentences.
  • Maintain same tone. Do not sound enthusiastic initially and then remorse that the hiring manager is shocked to hear from you about rejecting the offer.
  • State clearly after thanking the person. Start with unfortunately and state a reason to deny the job offer. Be diplomatic, steady and your message should be clear, though you need not get into details.