Why Recruiters Don’t Call You Back?

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Candidates who had gone through the interview process, have a right to know whether they are chosen for the job or not, if not they expect some explanation. It is noticed that most of the students feel grateful to get feedback about their resume content, what skills they lack, what things they need to improve and some post-interview performing tips. According to some recruiters to tell the job-seeker that they are not eligible for the job offer is not an easy task. Here we can discuss the reasons.


 why are recruiters not calling back?

1) sometimes you feel that you are qualified for the job, but the result is you will not get any feedback from the recruiters. Let’s take an example. there is a lot of candidates who are applying for the job, and you are quite lucky that you will get an interview call. Your interview had gone very well and you are expected the job offer but after someday you will not get any response, behind this there are many reasons .. it include might be the other candidate who is also qualified for the job agree to do job with less salary, or there may be some other reason like while interview if you mention that you have multiple jobs offers that also prevent recruiters from responding.

2) Many jobs offer demands relocation. During the interview, if you say the chances of relocation are low or you need to think about it or in some case if you say you are ready to relocate to the new place for the job but you need more salary are the reasons which make recruiter rethink and prevent to respond back.


3) Most of the time there are a number of applicants for the job and notify everyone becomes impossible. Due to the large volume of candidates applying for the same job it becomes difficult for the recruiters to review every submission results not getting a personal response.

4) Before going for an interview check your resume with multiple spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. If you don’t do that recruiter while reading your resume feel that you are careless and not invest any time and effort for the application and resume preparation. This leads to rejection chances and you will not hear back from the recruiters. To overcome this issue get the second opinion like ask your friend to check your resume for mistakes or you can also use some apps that can automatically correct your grammatic mistakes.

5) Many companies while posting job offer they mention” must” factor. It means they ask you that for this job you must have X experience. But you ignore this section and apply for the job results in rejection because you don’t have the experience which company wants and they put your resume in the spam folder.


6) Sometimes due to last minute budget change, company eliminates the job posting before it’s even filled. This is also the reason that you will not hear back.

7) As we know recruiters job is not that easy. They remain busy, that they are not able to take time from their busy schedule to call and communicate with you despite having good intentions.Never feel bad if they don’t call you back after the interview, wait for 1-2 weeks and then follow up or send email to check.

8) Sometimes the fault is not yours. they lose your application form before even looking at it. It doesn’t matter whether it’s stuck in the tracking system or due to some staff negligence it lost, results in no response.

9) During a job interview, if the recruiter asks you about any plans for a holiday in a couple of months, and if you do have, then probably you will not hear back.

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