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Top 8 Tips for Ranking my Website High in SERP’s

Having a high rank in search engines is the dream of every business. High ranking website means more and more traffic to the site, and thus more and more business.

Do you wish to have a high rank in major search engines then you can have this done in a very easy manner. For ranking my website high, I follow certain tips and I am sharing the tips here.

1.) Keyword Research

The primary focus is Keywords. Choosing the right keywords is really a tough job to do. Right keywords will bring the traffic to your site but wrong keywords will never return any benefits. So, the success of the website lies in targeting right keywords. Once the keyword research is done, the keyword placement is done, which includes the use of keywords in proper places like title, meta tags, content, headings etc.

2.) Fresh Content

The content has to be fresh. The content of the webpage has to be updated as the fresh content is loved by search engines. If the search engine spider never looks for any change in the webpage content, it will create a bad impact and the rankings will go down.

3.) Resonant Keyword Links

Search engine spiders crawl by following links from one page to another by following links from one page to the other, and this way they do index the contents as they go. If the links they crawl include the relevant keywords and key phrases, the search engine heightens its page rankings. Keywords must also be used in the site’s menu navigation. The technique is highly effective, as I used this technique for ranking my website high

4.) Accessible Web Design

Try to keep an accessible web design. A site that takes too much time to load irritates the visitors and even the search engine spiders. There should not be any sort of errors, or redirects. Standard compliant website designs should be used and W3C’s accessibility guidelines should be followed properly while designing websites.

5.) Relevant Incoming Links

The quality of incoming links holds much importance than the quantity of links. Having 5 links from PR-7 sites have more value than 100 links from PR-0 sites.  And moreover try to get relevant links. Search engine checks out for the links that link to your site.

6.) Say No to Keyword Stuffing

It is a good option to make use of keywords in your content, but stuffing your webpage with keywords alone will penalize your site. This keyword stuffing method is mere a trick to get more visits to your site. But avoid this technique.

7.) No use of Black Hat Techniques

The black hat SEO makes use the deceptive methods, the methods search engine restrict to. So, say no to these techniques. These techniques may include automated link spamming, hidden text, publishing copied content, mirror sites etc.

8.) Don’t participate in Link Exchange

Don’t participate in link exchange schemes that are designed to increase your site’s ranking or Page Rank. Avoid links to web spammers or “bad neighborhoods as it will affect the rankings of your own website.

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