Qualities you add in a cover letter

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What Qualities you add in a cover letter

Writing a cover letter to an interviewer is like a short interview It is 
through your cover letter that you have ist impression on an interviewer
So, in order to make a good impression on the interviewer your cover letter 
should include all of your but not the negativities.Some of the qualities are 
as follows:

Discipline: This shows how a [person treats in his life.if your life is disciplined 
it means you are a cool minded person and you have ability to take good and perfect 
decisions for the company.

Leadership:You must have the quality of leadership if you are applying for the job.
Some time you have to handle the company in the absence of Boss so this quality shows
that you are able to handle the whole organisation in the absence of the Boss.

Teamwork:No,company rise in the market without having the quality of teamwork.This
quality shows how quick you are in making relations with the employees of your company
and how you work with them under certain circumstances.

Dedication:This quality shows that  how much you are possesive towards the job.Being a 
dedicated person towards job will be the example for the careless employees in the 
company or office.

Trustworthiness:You often know that mostly employees are not trustworthy towards the company
as they wanted to get paid for free but if you have this quality you must be in the top lists
of the manager.Besides ,this being trustworthy for a company is good for you as in future you 
may be nominated for the post of manager or you can be awarded as employee of the year.This 
shows your self respect.

So, these are the qualities you can add in your cover letter but only if you have otherwise
you will not be able to get the job as comapny is paying the interviwer to look and to find 
out the best one suited for the comapny


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