Preferred tool for corp corp recruiters

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Jobisite becomes the preferred tool for corp corp recruiters.

Jobisite continuously working for recruiters and corp corp vendors has again launched
a new feature which is getting popular with many corp corp vendors.
We call it “Automate Applications”

Jobisite has felt the need to automating placements of bench consultants.
We have worked closely with them and tried to understand their pain points and based on all these , we have developed this tool.



It comes in two feature:

Manage multiple resumes of bench consultants:

Vendors has to maintain many bench consultant resumes at a time and there is a constraint  that they do not want other recruiters to contact these candidates directly.
So , unlike other job boards, Jobisite allow vendors to upload and manage multiple resume within their account.
Vendors can select the contact point as their email address and this way other recruiters and employers can see but they can contact the vendor only.
Also, it is easy to manage all from one dashboard and login.
No need to create separate logins.

Automate applications:

Now after adding the resumes, they need to be applied or contacted.
So why not automate it. Again the constraint will be that it should be applied to contract jobs , or some kinds of jobs.
Vendors can specify all these details.
For example, A company is looking to automate its application, like if there is a job posted with some specific skills /keywords and need to have certain words in description, then you can automate to apply.
Even , one can specify , if the application has to be applied or just send email of interest.
One can specify to ignore certain companies also.


Now this is not just restricted to Jobs in Jobisite, but also can target jobs in other partnered job boards, social channels, groups, emails etc.

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