Post study work visa Australia

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An Overview how to get post study work visa Australia


There are post study work visa Australia facilities for international students who complete university degrees in Australia.

The post study work visa Australia will help the student in many ways. It will help them to gain practical work experience after they graduate and enhance their overall international study experience.


People can stay in Australia for 18 months and four years after their graduation. The person will need a Graduate Skilled Temporary Visa. To get this visa, the people should be below 50 and should be good health condition and must know the English language.


Post-Study Work Stream visa

Post Study Work visa is a kind of visa where the people and there can live, work, travel or they can study in Australia for two to four years. If they, pass from an Australian Institution within the past six months. If the people have their bachelor degree, they can stay for two years. The people who have a master degree they can they can stay for two or three years and if they have doctorate degree they can stay for four years.

If the qualification of the visa is below than bachelor degree, then they do not qualify for the visa.


Graduate Work Stream Visa

Graduate Work Stream Visa is a type of visa where it allows the person and their family to work, travel and study in Australia for 18 months. This visa is applicable if the individual is graduated from an Australian education institution within the past six months. The Post-Study Work Stream visa is eligible if the qualification is below than bachelor degree. However, it is very much important to have the right qualification which has demand in the market. The qualification can be engineer, medic, scientist and teacher. However, to qualify for a Graduate Work Stream visa the people must pass a skills evaluation test.


In the Australian immigration, they offer a permanent visa to the people who can contribute long-term to the economy and country. The migrants should have good qualification if they want to work in Australia. Moreover, they should have good work experience and should know the English language. The person first has to submit an Expression of Interest for a skilled visa. This process will have skill test. If, this is accepted the person can go for the application of full visa. There are types of permanent visa.


Skilled Nominated Visa

In the skilled nominated visa, it allows skilled workers who are nominated by the state or territory government. They work in Australia as a permanent resident. For the skilled nominated visa, the person should be under 50 years old.


Skilled Independent Visa

If the person is not nominated by a state or territory government then also they can apply as an individual. For the skilled independent visa also the person should be under 50 years.


Employer Nomination Scheme

The Employer Nomination visa is a permanent resident visa for skilled workers who are being sponsored by an organization. The employee should be below 50 years with good qualification and with excellent English then they can get     post study work visa Australia.





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