PLR Articles

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What Are PLR Articles

plr articles

PLR or private label articles are written by various Authors and published in market for website owners or webmasters to use. Many companies writes these articles for selling purpose. They are written once and sold out to many users.

Well, in online business, you need content for your website. If you don’t have any blogger/content writer for you, you can pick these PLR articles. This is why PLR articles were developed.

The emphasis of PLR service is to provide users with fully developed material that becomes the ownership of the buyer.
These PLR articles comes in various flavours when you talk about rights.Some PLR distributors allow you to just post the article and some allow modification also  and some allow your to resell also.

A very common or standard rule for rights in case of PLR articles:

PLR can Be Edited Completely and Put Your Name on it.
PLR can be used as web content
PLR can be submitted to article directories (rewrite suggested).
PLR can’t be re-sold unchanged
PLR can’t be added to paid membership sites.
Can’t sell Resale Rights.
Can’t sell Master Resale Rights.
Can’t sell Private Label Rights.
PLR can’t be published offline

There are many benefits of using PLR articles:
– Thse PLR articles are very cost and time effective.On average you may get good PLR artcile for few bucks only.
– While licenses differ with each author and seller, the basic premise is that the license permits buyers to re-brand the content under their own name and brand.
-Private Label Rights Articles provide the opportunity to key in on ideas and subjects you want to talk about and then customize an existing work to conform to your business goals and objectives.
-Decreased need to hire a writer for site or business content

What Can I Do With All These PLR articles?

Keep your own web site fresh with new content.
Start Mini Sites quickly and easily.
Make “feeder” sites to drive traffic to your main web site or blog.
Start your own adsense empire.
Sell niche content to your customers.
Sell complete PLR packages on your own site or even ebay.
Read the article and make your own podcast or video series.
Sell Master Resale Rights Packages
Compile multiple articles and make your own information products.
Use these as a bonus to your main product and sell more.

So far , we have covered all the advantages of PLR articles.

Now lets some disadvantages also

-PLR articles are not unique and sold to many website owners.As per Google SEO, you have duplicate content and may not be that helpful.
-Even if you use article rewriter or spinning tool, it still wont be that much unique, since many webmasters may also
had tried the same trick with same spinnig tools.
The best way is the refer the PLR articles, get the concept and theme and write in your own words.
This will really be unique, custom and also google friendly.

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