Ideas for Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is a platform for crowd sourced visual content grouped into topics (mostly lifestyle at the moment).
It is a social network that allows its users to share visual content ,like images or videos to their own boards. If you are a regular facebook user/promoter, you can think of board here same as facebook page.

Before you jump into Pinterest marketing, you can ask yourself if you have enough visuals or medias in your website to promote? Will that audience matters to you ?
Some good example sites that can use pinterest heavily may be ecommerce stores, blogs will nice images, media, etc.

Ready to start?

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Below are some of the pinterest marketing ideas for content promoter


– Include Price Tags
If it is ecommerce store then it is very helpful to add price tag to it. Many pinterest users are looking to buy products also.
Make sure you include a price tag in the pins you create or repin. Pinterest pins with prices get a lot more likes than those without.


-Find Popular Group Boards
There are not many search features currently available to search good group boards, so you can use external website to find out some nice boards. If you go to PinGroupie site, you can search boards by filling up category and then filter result by collaborators, repins, Likes and followers.Try using more repins option as the more repins the board gets the more engaging.
-Cross promote
Choose something fun or engaging that fits your theme or trend and cross-promote it on your other social media platforms and may be on new boards you created in Pinterest also.
A good promotion may be to tweet about Pinterest 4-5 times a week and try posting in facebook for 6-8 times a week.
You can also add pinterest app to your facebook pages


-Try Blog boards
Promoters can create a blog board, a place for your followers to find all your blog posts.
Followers also automatically see any new blogs you pin on their homepage


-Check Pins from Competitor Domains
Users who have pinned items from your competitor’s websites are more likely to pin items from your board.
Promoters can use ,which can tell about pins for your competitors website. Find pinners who are actively pinning items from your niche and then start following them and repin from their boards.


-Share videos
While videos are not as popular on Pinterest as images are, creating a board with videos is a great way to increase engagement with your Pinterest followers.Some nice videos, how to do things, video testimonials in your pinterest boards is a great way to drive traffic back to your website or your YouTube channel.


-Highlight books/blogs worth reading
Its not always to promote your own website, but educating yoru audience with some nice blogs, articles, books will be a good idea as a content marketer.
Also provide some comparision blogs, some Dos and Donts or pros and cons content.


-Highlight your peers
Why not set up a Pinterest board to highlight other content marketers or entrepreneurs in your niche to drive traffic and build relationship


Infographics attracts lot of audience and sharing, so its worth creating some infographics. There are many online sites for creating infographics.


Everyone loves quotes, especially Pinterest users.Try online sites for getting quotes like


-Pinterest contest and promotions
Designing your own Pinterest promotion is pretty straightforward. You need to select a way for participants to enter, and then select a way for participants to win. You can find some nice tools and tips for creating Pinterest contents and content for that.

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