Out of the office message

Out of the office message


Setting out of the office message is the final step and this is forgotten easily by most of them in a hurry to leaving the office. This is a sort of communication issue.



The out of the office message is a reply that helps your customers, colleagues and email senders. It keeps them aware of:


  • You are not available
  • The time or date you will be available
  • The person to contact in your absence, if essential



You can offer much more to state you are not in the office through messages. There is no need for it to be the typical statement of saying you are not in the office for a period of time and date.  In fact, it can be much more:


  • Express through email an image showing you are out of the office. A picture is actually worth thousand words and is also a present way to successful marketing. The visual appeal stays in the mind than the content words. Make use of a suitable picture revealing you are out of the office.
  • A very important fact is that if you send emails informing your absence in the office; remember it must catch the reader’s interest. Ensure you give a clear out of the office message. It should not come as a surprise. You can also inform your clients and people will appreciate your honesty and the way you are off on a short vacation. For example: You just missed me, I bundled up everything at my office table and am off on a vacation up to Monday. If you get a suitable GIF with humor, relate it and make a memorable message.
  • In case you are unavailable absolutely and yet you wish to say this message with some sense of humor, ensure to find a suitable picture and place it strategically. The image and the picture superiority are sure to convey your message or you can mention it below the image.


There is no need to bemoan your absence. You also need not be afraid to say you are out of the office. In fact, when you are out of the office, just turn an auto-response into a fictional cartoon character as a running commentary series with Troy McClure. This is helps as each time you will find McClure speaking on behalf of you as ‘I am out of the office’. This is a mild form of informing you are out of the office and people will appreciate the cartoon character coming up and making an appearance.


A simple and straight way is to send the message that you are out of the office on a vacation and do not wish to read emails while you are away.  However, this appears direct, but if you like it to be humorous, you can add pictures or cartoon characters of packing bags and stepping out. Above all, the message must be clear of your absence and availability again, besides assign your responsibilities to a responsible colleague to handle in your absence.