Office Etiquette Tips

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Office Etiquette Tips You NEED to Know

We generally take office as our home when we become habitual of 
it but this is not good for our carrer as it will make us too 
much careless towards work.One of the biggest mistakes a new 
professional can make is to not be aware of the various rules 
and etiquettes that exist within an office.Here is the list of
some Etiquette Tips.

1.Arrive Early
Arriving early at the office at first makes you punctual along 
with this it will affect your personality as you will be in ever
yone's eyes just because of punctuality which is not soo common 
in all employees.

2.Dress Appropriately
Your dressing sense shows that whats going in your life.A well
dressed personality is liked by everyone besides this a well 
dresed person looks activw the whole day and is the source of 
energy to others.

3.Remember Names
Rembembering the names of all the employees and other office 
works shows that you are 24 hours active towards work.

4.Organize Your Workspace
Keep your desl clean and organised because this will ultimately 
charge you to do more work.A scattered and unorganised work place 
is the sign of careles and lazy employee.

5.Share Your Interests
Always share what you thing.Try to share new ideas,new rules and 
regulations with all the tem mates and with youir boss also.It’s 
important to note there’s a line between sharing too little and too much. 
Sharing too much information can you leave you vulnerable, both profe-
ssional and personally.


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