objective statement

Objective statement for a resume

objective statement

In order to write an effective objective statement for a resume is very tough. The hiring manager will read hundreds of resumes per day. An effective objective statement on resume can help you, get a close look from the manager. An objective should be clearly stated and really what you want the employer to read. Consider few points for objective statement..

1) Make it short—–

Recruiter does not want to read book of yours. Always make sure that your resume should be short and concise.

2) Content—

The main purpose of objective statement is ” what’s in that resume” . You just provide information about what job you are seeking for and about your potential for the job. The best way to do is to list some of your skills and achievements.

3)  Specific—

Whenever you are going to write an objective statement, it should be specific. It always describe what job do you want and why you are interested in this job?

By customizing  your objective, the manager may thought that you are fit for the position and you have to go through the next step. Some of the examples of objective statement are as follows______

a) I’m interested to join your company where i can utilize my skills and gain some experience and increase company’s productivity and reputation.

b) I’m pursuing my career as an engineer or related post that offers team oriented tasks, immediate challenges  or some career opportunities.

c) To secure part time position within travel agency to obtain knowledge and experience in sales and marketing field.

d) To participate as a sales position within electronic products, to utilize my outstanding communication skills.

e) To explore job opportunities for computer technician that reflects my experience, skills and creativity.

f) My objective is to leverage my experience while continuing to be challenged.