Musicians interview questions

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Musicians interview questions


When you want to get a job as the musician, you would have to attend interviews in some of the companies. Therefore, you would have to learn the way to answer the Musicians interview questions in a proper manner in order to get hired.


Question 1: What are keynotes?

This is a very straightforward question and this is the question that the interviewers use to test your basic understanding about music. The keynotes would be the note that the musical key is based. It could be the theme of the speech also. Therefore, you can provide these pieces of information as your answer and you can also choose to give additional information if you wish to impress the interviewers. As long as you answer in a precise and consider way, you would be awarded with good impression.


Question 2: How is music important in the life of people?

Music helps people to communicate with each other. With music, people would dare to tell the others something that they would not be brave enough to tell verbally.


Question 3: What type of music do you like?

There are different genres that you can adopt as the answer. As long as you have the real interest in that particular type of music, you can make it as the answer. You have to make sure that you are knowledgeable about that particular music type. Otherwise, you may not be able to answer any follow up questions.


Question 4: What do you expect to do in the job?

This is also a factual question. You can base on the job advertisement and answer the duties of the job as the expectation.


Question 5: How will you convince other people to play music?

You need to demonstrate that you are passionate about music when you answer this question.


Question 6: What would lyricists do?

If you are music lover, you would know that lyricists are people who write the words for songs.


Question 7: Why do you want to treat music as your career?

Again, this is one of the questions that test whether you are passionate about the job. Most of the companies recruiting musicians would want to know the passion of the people towards music rather than money. Therefore, you should not show that you only care about money but not the music.


Question 8: Why do you think you are suitable for the job?

You are going to demonstrate some strengths that you have. You need to make sure that you are able to tell the unique things of yours. For example, you can tell some of your personalities with which you would be able to work well in the company.


Question 9: Tell me your favorite composer.

It is an open-ended question so you can just prepare to introduce somebody that you really admire in the musical industry.


Question 10: When can you start the work?

As long as you check the recruitment advertisement, you should know that there would be usually an expected starting date of the work. You are advised to answer the date around that period.


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