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Mobile SEO Apps all Site Owners Should Have

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With site ownership increasing, the need for on the go SEO monitoring has sparked creation of helpful mobile apps. The market is flooded with apps that do everything from check page rank to verifying back links. Soon the entire process of monitoring sites will be available no matter where you are. In the meantime, there are a few apps that can help the SEO professional keep their tracking in order. Here are a few apps that all SEO professionals should have.

SEO Stats:

With this free app, you can check all levels of SEO statistics. From page rank to backlinks, you can keep a mobile eye on how your site is doing. This app also allows for you to check .gov and .edu backlinks. Even more than that, you can use this app if you want to see how many Wikipedia links you have or if you want to see your progress on compete. com.


The main reason of having multiple sites is to eventually monetize them. With that you should be looking for a way to track your Adsense earnings whenever you feel. This app allows just that. QuickSense is a small app that will allow you to estimate your profits throughout the day. It’s quick and easy to use, and at $3.99 for the app, it’s a good bargain.

Analytic Agent Pro:

This smart little app has everything you need to get proper statistics for your site.  Currently there are two versions, the free Lite version and the Pro. It is recommended to pay the $2.99 for the Pro version and enjoy the feature rich app. You will be able to check everything from your Google analytics to monitoring your Adsense and Adwords. You will also know your page views, visit counts, and bounce rate for the day.

SEO Search Ranking:

This tool is all about SEO. At $1.99 for the app, you will be able to see where your keywords rank among search engines. It gives you exact position throughout the day so you can optimize your keywords for better positioning. No matter how many sites you own, you can utilize this mobile app for priming your keywords.


This small app has many useful features for tracking your SEO on the go. It includes a SERP analyzer for checking page ranks, Inlinks analyzer to find the popularity of a website, and a Web directory for a list of sites to submit your links to. This app will cost you $4.99 which is a bit higher than other apps, but is definitely useful.

Keeping track of your sites SEO use to keep you in front of the computer for hours. Now with apps available for most phones, you can get a snapshot of all your analytics from anywhere. Just because you’re on the road, doesn’t mean you can’t optimize your SEO. Mobile apps are available for almost any function you need to assure your sites success.

Author Stephanie Sanders is a communications consultant and writes for, a provider of all the latest cell phones and many unique plans.

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