Linkedin Marketing

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LinkedIn is ideal when it comes to promote career related websites. Here are some of the tips for linkedIn marketing. I will take an example of promoting a job board and explain some tips on promoting it.


  • Create a new account for linkedIn promotion. Fill up as much as information as possible.

  • Join Groups

You can start by joining groups where your target customers actively participate. For example, in case of promoting a job board, lets join public groups focusing on keywords: “Jobs” , “Recruiters”  etc.

Post about yourself and about your website, but don’t overdo, may be a single post like this in a month in a single group.

a) Try search for posts that says, “Looking for a job “and the comment and tell about your job board and its features.


Example comment:

Sir, you can try registering at for many new jobs and it’s all free. You can find many recruiters and many hidden unadvertised jobs also.



b)Try connecting to recruiters and job posters also. Search for posts which has job listings and then like and comment and tell about your job board and its features.

You will see jobs in Jobs category of groups

Example comment:

Sir, can you also try for free job posting and resume search. You can even post jobs by just sending emails. It’s all free and you will surely like the service.





Look for problems and challenges they are facing and directly address these problems; offer your advice and solutions to them.

Don’t overdo, so 3-4 messages per group a day..


  • Status Updates:

    You can use 2-3 statuses a day and talk about your services. You can also share some useful tips and like and share content of targeted audience. If you want to be noticed by recruiters, let’s like and share their content. Again don’t overdo.


  • Posting in own groups:

Create new groups or join groups created by your team mates.

For example , my team mate has created this group for job posting

Join the group and feel free to post as many jobs and updates.




Sharing is caring!