Lawyers interview questions

Lawyers interview questions


For lawyers who want to enter some of the famous firms, interview is needed and you are expected to answer the Lawyers interview questions well.


Question 1: Why do you work in the legal profession?

As many people had indicated, working in the legal profession can be something very harsh and you may need to deal with a lot of conflicts. Therefore, you would need to answer this question without showing that you are too idealistic. If you think that you want to work in this field purely because you want to maintain the justice of the world, it would be too idealistic.


Question 2: How do you perceive justice?

Again, this is a question that the interviewer tries to ask in order to understand your knowledge about the legal profession in the reality.


Question 3: How do you interact with clients?

There should always be a line between clients and lawyers and they should not get too close. Therefore, you need to avoid showing that you would always please the clients instead of keeping a certain distance.


Question 4: What would you say when you witness something injustice?

There are a lot of injustice things in your life. For example, you can find that some people would jump the queue when they purchase some of the products. Serious injustice issues may involve murder. Therefore, it is necessary to define the meaning of injustice if you want to say that ‘it depends’.


Question 5: Share with me an experience in which you helped the others.

Many firms require lawyers to be willing to serve the others rather than to purely earn money.


Question 6: How will you instruct your colleagues?

In the legal field, there are a lot of chances that you need to communicate with your juniors in order to work. You would also need to work with some other colleagues for a case so you need to show that you can communicate well.


Question 7: Which aspect of law are you good at?

There are many aspects of the legal profession that people would work in. You would usually have established reputation in some particular field. But in case you are fresh, you would need to tell the interviewers.


Question 8: What is your career plan?

If you are new to the legal profession, you would be asked for this question. It is because you need to let the interviewers know that you would stay in the profession for a long time or at least several years in their firm.


Question 9: Can you comment on a current issue?

You can quote any of the issues in the world. It may not have to be legal news so you can just feel free to make the comments.


Question 10: What is the image of lawyer from other people in your mind?

You may have worked with lawyers from other roles so you are expected to tell the image of lawyer from somebody who is not a lawyer himself or herself and let the interviewers know that you also know the way that outsiders think about lawyers.