Key points to look out for in a face to face interview

face to face interview                                                       

  Personal interview or face to face interview is the last hurdle you need to cross before you are selected into the company. After you get past the telephone interview and head for the personal interview, it’s a lot tougher and you need to prepare properly.

About the prior research you need to do

Researching on various topics before you head for your interview is essential. The particulars you need to keep a check of include the following:

  • Know your company

Keep a well researched paper about the company for which you would be giving an interview. Having half knowledge about the company depicts you to be too casual with the job.

  • Know your interviewer

He has picked out your resume out of piles of other resume to consider it. He knows you partly. You should return the favour. Knowing about the interviewer can give you an upper hand in your favour.

  • Know the job designation and requirement

Showing yourself under-qualified or even over-qualified for a job is not good for your job prospect. Study the requirement of the company properly and shape yourself accordingly in the professional achievements.

About the personality you need to carry

You have qualified beyond telephone interview. Now you do need to give your attention to your body language and behaviours. The things you need to keep in mind before and during the interview are:

  • Reach your destination with sufficient time in hand. Do not be too early for the interview. It depicts you to as desperate which act as a negative point.

  • Wear formal dresses and look confident. Dressing casually is taken as disrespect to the interview and considered it is not important for you.

  • Most important. Maintain a good sitting posture when you are sitting with your interviewers. Have a confident smile on your face. While answering try to maintain eye contact with your interviewers. It represents you as a confident candidate.

Keep a look out for the above said preparations and do expect lots and lots of questions in your face to face interview. Do not look nervous at any point of time. Be confident throughout. And do not forget to firmly shake hands and thank your interviewer for their time.