Jobs on Contract Basis

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Jobs on Contract Basis

Contract based jobs are becoming more common these days. When a company starts to offer contract jobs, they save a lot of time by avoiding recruitments for various positions in the organization. By offering contract jobs, companies can make substantial savings of money also since unlike regular employees contract workers need not be provided with additional benefits. Moreover, if the management finds that the person who has taken up the contract job is very efficient, trustworthy and hard working, they can offer him a permanent job in the organization.

All contract based jobs are of fixed durations and once the project or the assigned task is completed the contractor will be relieved of his duties. The contract jobs may last for weeks or for a few months and in a few cases it may take years to complete the contract.

Temporary employment is the most common type of contract job. Normally, staffing agencies help the organizations to fill the temporary vacancies. The staffing agency will always have list of contractors for each type of job and they will call any one from the list whenever there is requirement.


Prospects for permanent employmentJobs on Contract Basis

When a person takes up contract based jobs regularly in an organization and fulfills them on time and also to the satisfaction of the employers, he becomes the ideal choice for a permanent job in the same organization. Many recruiting agencies hire contractors who have specialized skills as well as work experience. These recruiting agencies send the contractors to the organization that offers the job. Once the project is over the contract worker returns to the agency and subsequently he will be sent to another company to take up a new project there.

The recruiting agencies while providing contract based jobs to the workers continuously, serve the client companies by providing experienced and skilled workers on temporary basis whenever required.


Advantage of hiring contract workers

When companies appoint permanent employees, they must be provided with various benefits and also the productivity of long term employees are likely to go down year after year. The companies can avoid this problem by offering contract based jobs. The recruiting agencies evaluate the performance of the contract workers and hence the client companies are assured that the contract workers provided by the recruiting agency will give the best performance and ensure to produce the best results.

The recruiting agencies always maintain updated list of trained and experienced professionals for different types of jobs and they are committed to meet the manpower requirements of their clients at all times. Every time, they provide the client company with new and more experienced contractors who are able to perform the task in the most efficient way.



The freelancers also will take up jobs on contract basis. However, freelancers are different from contract workers. The freelancers are independent professionals who will take up the works in a company on an assignment by assignment basis. Security professionals, writers and advertising professionals take up the jobs as freelancers.

Normally, freelancers are people with particular skills and when a project requires workers who have the particular skill, the freelancers will be hired on contract basis. In this way freelancers are different from temporary employees.

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