interview strength

Knowing and using your interview strengths


One of the questions you will always expect whenever you are getting ready for an interview will always come in this form. What are your greatest strengths? If you are coming to the interview table for the first time without good preparation and research, this might put you off immediately. But a good answer to this will immediately draw you closer to the job. Interview strengths are mostly hinged on those things you are born or blessed with. Remember, they are not your skills. Skills are those things you have leant in the course of life or you have really developed out of experience. There are two things you are tested about with this question. The first is to know how well you know yourself and the other is to know how you can express your self.


There is no absolute answer to what your strengths are, but you have to search inside and know those things the employer will find very interesting about you and those things that are very important or even needed in the job you are applying.

You can tell them you are a strong and natural leader or you have good sense of initiative.  Your interview strengths can be that you are very creative in any field you find yourself or that you are the type of person who will make sure you take any job you start to a very good conclusion. Your interview strength can be a good deadline beater, quick leaner, problem solver, and conflict resolver. It can also be that you can work with articulation and precision even when you are under pressure.


There is also the act of trying to turn your weaknesses into strengths. This will include telling them you are too helpful, a hard worker that works too hard or even a perfectionist that will always want things done the perfect way even at the first time. Try not to be boastful about this but in a very assertive mood, give it to them in the most precise and humble way.