Interview with Matthew C Martino

Interview with Matthew C Martino


Mathetes Chihwai , better known by his stage name Matthew C Martino is a Zimbabwean English film producer,author and former actor currently residing in United Kingdom.

We met Matthew last week and found him very impressive and we spoke over the course of the afternoon about his work and achievements.

 Jobisite: Thanks Matthew for accepting our request for interview. Can you tell us  about LetsFlyAcademy and your early career life?

 Matthew :I founded Lets Fly Academy : .It’s an aviation consultancy and training business based in UK. My  early career started with his self-published book Lets Fly  in 2012 and next year I announced my second book Go For It during a night out in Mayfair.

 Jobisite: You also own a design firm apart from writing. What are the services you provide?

 Matthew : I own app design firm MMD-Tech with over 12 apps in portfolio .You can check out details at . In MMD-Tech we provide design and mobile app development services.

 Jobisite: Apart from being having many talents, we heard that you are a very helping person.

Matthew : Yes,  I recently founded the MMBF Trust, a charitable foundation that provides sponsorships and grants for aspiring pilots and . 64098_614251911936546_659270513_n

 Jobisite: Thanks Matthew for your valuable time.

Matthew : Welcome Jobisite. I hope I answered all your questions. You can find more details about me in wikipedia-