Improve Your Internet Reputation

Stay In Control: How To Improve Your Internet Reputation and Get that Job
A better online reputation means it’s a lot easier to get a job and there are a number of ways to do so. Take a look at our tips below.
1. Rise in the search engine ranks.

Chances are, when you type your name into Google, you will see someone else pop up in the first, second or third spot. That’s only natural; there are going to be people out there with the same name as you. You need to work to bring your profile to the top, however. Add more blog content. Contact others in your network and provide them with your links. If there is another search result that you are particularly concerned about, change up your name a little to make it unique. For example, you could add your middle initial. It won’t take long for others to start recognizing you as YOU. Here are some good tips.
2. Make sure your online information is positive.

Many people inadvertently put information about themselves on the World Wide Web that is not necessarily positive. According to you should check out all your social media sites and online profiles. Take down any pictures or comments that you think are unflattering for your image. Delete any articles or videos that you do not think mesh with who you are as a person. Look at what you have written on blogs and your website and take down anything that you aren’t entirely proud of.


3. Stay away from the negative.

Your reputation can be affected by the negativity that others bring to the table. It doesn’t matter if there is a factual basis to the information they circulate or not; most people won’t want to get involved. If you have someone that is trying to make things difficult for you, block them from all of your social media sites. Make sure you do not have a link to any of their information, including their blogs or websites. Do everything you can to keep them from posting about you. If they persist, do not reply to them. Stay as far from the negativity as you possibly can.


4. Make the right connections.

You don’t want to be involved with anyone online that could harm your image. Therefore, if you have any friends on your social networks that could do damage, make sure to cut the link between the two of you. You may also have to stay away from certain groups or associations if they no longer fit well with what you are doing with your life. Social networking is tricky; you have the right to post personal information for friends and family members, although you do need to make sure your settings are on private. Still, remember that anyone that is in your personal circle could still circulate that information with your name attached.
5. Go by the rules.

Review your company policy to see where they stand on a variety of issues. Follow the rules to make sure that you do not lose your job over something related to the Internet.
6. Be aware.

Anything you put up online is fair game. Therefore, when you are on social networking sites, be careful with what you say and post. Look at your profile and make sure your information is factually correct. If you are concerned that you may have put information out there in the past that you are not that happy with, Google Blog Search can help. It looks for old comments that you might be interested in deleting.
Your online presence will cause others to make snap judgement about who and what you are. Make sure the information available leads others to believe that you are a hard-working, honest person that has a lot of integrity. If you put some time and effort into your online reputation, the work will pay off in the end.