Important tips for acing group interview

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Now a days  group interview become popular with the employers . With this interviews  the employer meet with different people at the same time  and the interviewer discuss their thoughts collectively. During group interviews employers see how they handle the situation.

gp interviewFor group interview the candidate ready himself  as one-on-one interview . Research about the company and prepare for some behavioral questions.. There are some of the factors that should be in mind while preparing for group interview–

1) Always treat the interview as business meeting. You have to respond to a variety of personalities.

2) During an interview , different personalities make a team. In other words you find different type of person in an interview like some are happy, some are serious. So you should not try to change your personality for  all because if you will try to change your personality for each person in the room , they thought you have multiple personalities.

3) When you answer to the questions, make eye contact with each one  as every one is in that room is equally important.

4) During an interview your voice should be loud and clear. Your answer contain some meaningful content so that interviewer can remember you after the interview is over and gone.

5) During an group interview, there are rapid fire questions at you. So you don’t loose your confidence , stay calm and take time to answer your questions. In case if you respond in rush, it may believe that you are not confident.

During an interview ,keep in mind you have to show your skills to the panel and how you serve them well.

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