Human Resource resume example

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Human Resource resume example


If you have spent a lot of time to look for the useful pieces of information related to writing resume for human resource job, you may find that the Human Resource resume example here is very useful for you.


Human resource associate as well as other positions in the human resources department would play an important role in the whole company. They would be responsible for managing the staff of a company and they would need to recruit new members. Therefore, the resume that you submit for the human resources job actually would be evaluated by other human resource staff in the company. They usually have a high standard for the resume because they have read a lot of resumes before and they would like to recruit the best for the company.


Therefore, you need to make sure that you would not make mistake in the resume. There are some types of common mistakes that you may find in a resume. For example, some people would make grammatical mistakes in the resume while some of them would fail to list the items of their qualifications according to the timeline approach. Therefore, these mistakes can all ruin your career in the job application of human resources field.


If you want to know more about the exact Human Resource resume example, you can read the information below. You probably would know more about the way to create a good resume as well as the way to impress the recruiters by using the resume.


Human Resource resume example


Annie Johnson

20SS Street,MDCity,CA21030

Cell: 330-440-XXXX

Email: [email protected]



To obtain the position in the human resource field as the human resource associate

To work in an organization that is willing to provide opportunities for employees to grow


–          Comprehensive experience in using human resources information systems to keep track with the progress of staff

–          Experienced in solving various types of problems

–          Excellent in relationship building and maintaining communication with the others

–          Extensive knowledge about the techniques of recruitment

–          Familiar with different laws and regulations about recruitment in theUS

–          Work according to instructions within the certain deadline

–          Complete several projects at the same time and finish them with quality


Work Experience

Human Resource Associate, AS Corporation

2010 – Present

–          Supported the human resource department to complete administrative work such as newcomer orientation

–          Handled the work of assisting the managers and senior member of human resources department to implement the people development procedures

–          Attended the seminars and staff meeting to report the human resource department operation

–          Prepared reports and submitted for managers to review

–          Evaluated the performance of different employees in the human resource department

–          Coordinated the work of supervising employees in the human resources department and reported the progress


Expected salary



Earliest date to start work

Immediate but preferred to be one month later



The reference will be available upon request

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