How to build and expand your career network

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How to build and expand your career network

The best way to find a new job is  through networking. The main problem for job finder is from where  all these  network contacts come from and how they can be part of that network. The important key factor to build  network is mainly through relationship. The network mainly consist of people  you  have met  personally or through online and build network to meet more people. the network often consist of your friends and family, but you have to expand your circle beyond what you have normally. Some of the techniques for building and expanding career network-


1)      Expand local network or ask your current members for referral—

The best way to expand your network is to simply ask your  friends or  relatives for the contact information of others who seems to be beneficial for you.

Organize small get together for making new career network, impression, contracts or jobs.

2)      Join trade organizations or professional organizations

Try to find out the people who share the same professional intrests and goal. Many organizations arrange meetings or seminars for building your network of contacts.


3)      Using social networking tools-

First of all try to find out which networking sites are commonly used by

your friends, then chat with your colleagues  or friends to share your experiences.

The “ friend of a friend” is strong and successful contact network. Tap into social

network sites like face book , LinkedIn or  twitter and join some groups online to

meet  new people. Take part in discussions events to make contact with new people.


      4) Attend trade or professional meetings-

During company meetings, you will  interact with other new people.

try to make good relations with more experienced members.

5)      Become source of information—

Try to remember people interest  and send them articles on these subjects. This will make you to remain in touch with your contacts or making new contacts.


6)      Contact your former professor or career service office-

This is one of the strongest method that help you in building new and strong network. Make additional contacts with people of same college or university and share experiences with them to make good connections.


7)      Make contact with former colleagues or clients—

When we change our job , we lose our contacts with the former

Co workers or clients. Try to stay in contact with them.


8)      Look out for opportunities—

If you see opportunities that will be good for someone in your career network , let them know that makes good relation  with you




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