how dangerous is asbestos

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Health Concerns: How Dangerous Is Asbestos?

Mesothelioma is the answer to the question how dangerous is asbestos. Over 5000 people are leaving with asbestos related illness, and the numbers continue too as more and more people continue to be diagnosed. In order to be able to answer the question how dangerous is asbestos, we have to look at what asbestos is all about. Asbestos is a mineral that can be mined and has a lot of uses.  Asbestos is known to be resistant to heat and fire as such it is used in a number of customer and business products from plastic carpets to brake pads on the vehicles. As mentioned before it is a mineral that is mined serpentine rocks; it usually grows in the form of crystals.

The asbestos thread in this case when ingested leads to formation of lung cancer. The question of how dangerous is asbestos dates as far back as the ancient Greeks culture. Even they were aware of how dangerous is asbestos if ingested. They realized that their slaves who worked in mining the asbestos mineral stared suffering from lung diseases. It is the form of the asbestos threads that is said to be the leading cause of the health risks.  At the far end of an asbestos thread is a hook- like feature that allows it to grab onto tissue of the lungs. Mesothelioma being an answer to the question how dangerous is asbestos is a form of rare cancer that attacks the lungs and it mostly affects people such as textile workers and miners who work with asbestos.

People who work in asbestos mines, mills, shipyards and factories that use asbestos also can be affected with mesothelioma. Mesothelioma also affects individuals who manufacture asbestos insulators. This show how dangerous is asbestos.

There are 3 things that determines how dangerous is asbestos. This is in regard to the likelihood of being infected with the asbestos related lung disease. First is the extent and duration of exposure. This means that the more one is exposed to threads of asbestos, the higher the chances of them being able to experience asbestos health related problems. While there is no level of safety in exposure of asbestos, people who are exposed more frequently and over a long duration of time are more at danger. The second thing that determines how dangerous is asbestos is your age.

Recent studies show that it is mostly children of people who work with asbestos who are affected. The children got the asbestos from the parent who came home with asbestos dust on their clothing. The fibers find it easier to enter the children’s lungs as their immune system is still weak.

The last thing that determines how dangerous is asbestos is after how long one has detected that they are suffering from an asbestos related sickness that they got treatment. If you are able to detect the symptoms earlier, then chances of cure is a bit high. Because every exposure to asbestos raises the body composition of asbestos, it is very necessary to try and reduce your exposure.

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