Housekeeper interview questions

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Housekeeper interview questions


For almost every job application, the interview process is a must. Thus, you have to learn the way to answer the Housekeeper interview questions if you are applying for the relevant position.


Question 1: What makes you the best candidate for this job?

You need to match the strengths of yours with the requirements of the job. You have to be a caring person and you have to be able to communicate with the others well.


Question 2: How reliable are you?

You need to quote some experiences in which you are the good and reliable person for the job. If you have worked as the housekeeper before, you usually would have the ability to say this because you can quote some of the good experiences from your job.


Question 3: How long will you work in this field?

This is a tricky question. The interviewer is not asking for your years of work experience. Instead, the interviewer tries to ask whether you would work in the future as a housekeeper for a long time. If you have lost your motivation and you answer that it would be the last year of your work, they would feel worried that you cannot serve them well.


Question 4: Please tell us your preferred salary.

If you have a lot of years of experience, the salary could be higher. But you need to search for the average in the market first.


Question 5: What did you quit the last job?

If you answer that you committed some frauds or serious mistakes and get fired, you would not get this job either.


Question 6: How do you rate yourself as the housekeeper?

It is hard for you to rate yourself as a perfect one, so you can give yourself around 80% of score and tell them what. The score is not the most important, but the explanation counts.


Question 7: If there is a fire in the house, what would you do?

Before answering, you should try to ask for clarification. Is the fire a serious one or a small one? This is a question which tests you whether you would have the logical thinking to think before answering.


Question 8: How much time do you need for completing a cleaning task?

This is a question asking about your efficient of work. You just need to tell the truth unless you are really inefficient in the work.


Question 9: How do you ensure that you can integrate with the culture of the house?

You should demonstrate your action steps about the work. You may need to give details about the way that you would communicate and the method that you would use to communicate to ensure that you can understand the family well.


Question 10: How many hours can you work in a day?

Sometimes, you may be asked to work overtime with payment. Therefore, this is just a question aiming at knowing your real availability apart from the work period stated in the job advertisement.

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