Hospitality Job in the UAE

5 Reasons to Apply for a Hospitality Job in the UAE

Have you ever envisioned yourself working in a fine dining restaurant or a luxury hotel overseas? Do you sometimes stare at your passport and wonder when you will be able to actually use it? You can hit two birds with one stone by working abroad.

If you dream of traveling to exotic lands and working with people from different cultures, you may want to consider working for a hotel or restaurant in the United Arab Emirates.

Here are a few reasons why you may want to check out the hospitality jobs in the UAE:

1. Flourishing industry

The UAE draws in millions of tourists every year. It is also home to hundreds of five-star hotels and fine dining restaurants. To fill this massive need, applicants from other countries are encouraged to work and move to the Middle East.

There are plenty of opportunities where people can build careers in luxury hotels and restaurants. Individuals can work as a restaurant supervisor, team leader or even manager in a restaurant. For those who wish to work at the front office, there are hotels looking for guest relations officers and front office managers as well as candidates to fill a host of other hotel-related careers.

2. Great benefits

People who can fill in management positions are always in demand. In the Middle East, managers and other specialized professionals command a lot of respect; they are also well compensated.

Besides a stable paycheck, employees can expect to receive several benefits. These normally include accommodation, 30 days leave per year and round-trip tickets to their home country. Health insurance is mandatory so it is also included in the compensation package.

Some fields may offer additional perks to their staff. For instance, sales or marketing professionals are often given travel allowances. This allows them to meet and entertain company clients or suppliers.

3. Work with people from different cultures

It’s not just travelers who come from other places; a large percentage of the working population in the UAE consists of expats. In fact, foreigners outnumber the locals by a ratio of 9 to 1.

The UAE is a melting pot of different cultures, with expats hailing from all sides of the globe including Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas.

Individuals who are interested to work in the Middle East can expect to make friends with people from different parts of the world, and learn more about other cultures.

4. Opportunities to mingle and build your network

The hotel and restaurant field provides an ideal working environment for friendly and customer service-oriented individuals. When working for the hospitality industry, there are many chances for staff to interact with clients.

Chefs, for instance, receive compliments from happy diners. Sales and marketing staff need to build and maintain relationships with clients and suppliers. The most successful professionals can get more contracts signed as well.

Front-of-house hotel and restaurant staff, needless to say, engage daily with guests and clients.

5. Expat-friendly environment

Culture shock and homesickness are only two of the issues expats face when working in a foreign land. This may be true in other countries or regions where foreigners are the minority, but not in the UAE. By being home to a massive number of foreign workers, expats can expect to find something similar to or reminiscent of home in this country.

Friday brunch is a common British activity offered in hotels and restaurants in Dubai. There are areas in each emirate associated with specific ethnic groups, and restaurants offering all sorts of cuisine dot the country. Many cities in the region may be predominantly Muslim but other religions and religious practices are allowed to thrive here as well.

Take advantage of the upsurge and apply for hotel and restaurant jobs in the Middle East today.

There are plenty of recruitment firms looking for the best international talent. You may also upload your CV to one of many available online job portals to land a job in your target hotel, restaurant or hospitality establishment.


Daulet Zhumagulov is the Founder and CEO at WeHoteliers, a specialized online hospitality portal in the GCC region where prospective and experienced talents can explore career opportunities and be discovered by the top employers of the industry. The company’s mission is to provide an efficient and modern platform that will focus on the needs and interests of hospitality professionals.