H-1 B visa sponsorship

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Sponsored Visa to stay and work in US

H-1 B visa sponsorship by companies in the US is now very common. Professionals from foreign countries who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in a specialized field like IT, medicine, science or engineering are eligible for the sponsorship. The employees who have obtained the H-1B visa can stay in US and work legally up to three years after which if required the visa can be renewed for another three years. The petition for obtaining H-1 B visa is to be filed by the employer on behalf of the employee.


The company that provides the H-1 B visa sponsorship should first of all file the LCA (Labor Condition Application) with the Department of Labor in the US. By way of filing the LCA the company agrees that by hiring a worker under the H-1 B visa from another country, the workers who are citizens of US will not be affected adversely.apply for H-1 B visa


 Conditions for becoming a sponsor

The company which sponsors H-1 B visa has to agree through the LCA that the hired employee will be paid the prevailing salary for the particular job, the employee will be provided the same benefits that are enjoyed by other workers who are in the same job, the working conditions of other employees will not be affected negatively and there is no labor dispute or stoppage of work at the time of hiring the employee from another country.


The H-1 B visa sponsorship by a company should have the approval from the USCIS after determining that the sponsoring company is established in the proper way and that the company has sufficient cash flow to provide the prevailing wage to the hired employee. While it is easy for large companies to get the approval from USCIS, the startup companies who sponsor for H-1 B visa should furnish sufficient evidence of their income, normally in the form of venture capital. The companies in US can provide H-1 B visa sponsorship only for the professions that come under the category of H-1 B professions. All the major H-1 B professions can be viewed here. The sponsoring US company has to pay the visa processing fees to the USCIS. Because of the various factors that are involved in the H-1 B visa application process no company or H-1 B visa service firm can guarantee the H-1 B job or the H-1 B visa.

There are many service firms that offer professional assistance to the sponsoring companies to get their petition for H-1 B visa approved. These service firms provide tailored assistance according to the preferences and requirements of the individual customers.


Complete Professional Assistance

The customers who require the fastest results from their efforts to secure H-1 B visa sponsorship can opt for Complete Professional Assistance by the H-1 B visa service firms. Those who avail the complete professional assistance will be provided with the service of a personal visa sponsorship counselor as well as a career advisor.

They will provide guidance and support throughout the entire process to obtain the visa sponsorship. The service firm will also provide resume improvement service also to ensure that the customer has a perfect resume thereby improving his chances to get the sponsorship jobs.

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