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Gold Star Siblings Inc. was started in 2006 as a 501c3 nonprofit organization, Due to the many Siblings needing support at the loss of their brother or sister being lost to War or to circumstances due to war. Gold Star Siblings Inc. is the only 501 c3 nonprofit organization, that supports Siblings but there also if the family may require something as well.

Karen Hickman started the Gold Star Siblings inc in Indiana after many years of being a Gold Star Sister herself, losing her brother Cpl. Thomas Steven Hickman in the Vietnam War, and for years feeling alone as a Sibling and having no one to talk with about being a sibling and how it felt, losing her brother.
The Parents come first, the Sibling, “takes care of the parents.” Siblings become lost and withdrawn and left out wanting to protect our parents. We lose our best friend, we lose the one we told our secrets to, we lose part of ourselves when we lose our siblings.

Part of us is gone, and we need support also. This is why Gold Star Siblings Inc was Started.

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Sharing is caring!