Front Desk Assistant cover letter example

                     Desk Assistant cover letter example




When writing a cover letter for a desk assistant position, keep in mind that there are a number of skills that recruiters are looking for. Most importantly, employers are seeking organized and presentable individuals who can multitask and work under pressure. The more you can exemplify this in your cover letter, the better you will be positioned for the job.


Moreover, your time management skills will be highly desirable, and also your interpersonal skills. Therefore, qualities such as patience, persistence, hard work, dedication, honesty and integrity are implicitly required in order to succeed in getting on the top of the recruiter’s list of shortlisted candidates.


Also, it goes without saying that prior secretarial or administrative experience is a plus, in addition to a mention of a typical scenario at work, or an achievement that you are particularly proud of. Typical tasks that you need to demonstrate proficiency in is answering calls, scheduling meetings, booking travel, managing expenses and assisting a manager in all of his or her affairs. You also need to be dependable and competent in order to gain your manager’s trust. Examples of such experiences should be mentioned in your cover letter.


On another note, you need to be convincing and justify to the reader why he or she should select you for the job. Therefore, the cover letter is your opportunity to explain to the potential employer the strengths, competencies, skills and achievements that you have on your plate in order to set you apart from competition. A definite plus would be some background knowledge about managerial affairs, and familiarity with dealing with other administrative departments such as human resources and finance. Finally, in today’s fast-paced technological marketplace, computer literacy and proficiency is a necessity. Consequently, you should list all the computer software that you are aware of, have experience using, and have used in practice in previous roles.





Sample of a cover letter:




Dear Sir/Madam,



It gives me great pleasure to apply for the Desk Assistant position available at your reputable organization, especially since I feel I have many of the skills and competencies required for the position.


In addition to a bachelor’s degree in managerial studies, I have undertaken a number of office management training programs, where I have sharpened my time management, organizational and multitasking skills. The training has also offered me the opportunity to master the use of a number of computer programs including but not limited to Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, SharePoint and Access.

On the professional side, I have worked for more than 6 years as a Desk Assistant for the Financial Manager at a large multinational organization, where I was in charge of travel and hotel bookings, scheduling meetings using Oracle Calendar, managing his email, and answering his phone calls. This was a challenging yet exciting role since I was able to multitask and exhibit a high level of interpersonal skills, and I am now comfortable with working under pressure. I consider myself to be a hardworking and dedicated individual who has a deep passion for administrative affairs.



Please find attached my resume, which details my entire employment history, skill set and academic qualifications. I look forward to hearing from you to discuss my application.



Yours Faithfully,