follow up after an interview

How to follow up after an interview


Attended an interview and you believe you nailed it. Did you feel the recruiter was really interested and were you feeling connected to the job and the type of work? Did the recruiter say ‘Stay in touch’? If so, you have almost received a green flag for the job and now it is a couple of weeks and you find nothing is taking place.  Now, here the question is how to follow up after an interview without appearing a pest or look like you are very desperate.


This is a sensitive topic. Many people are certain that the interview went bad and do not wish to make a wrong move with follow up. There is a need to stay steady. There may be reasons for you not being the right candidate, yet you can impress a HR person, a recruiter or a hiring manager with an appropriate follow up.


Keeping that in mind, here are few ways to ease the job search equation.


Ask for the next steps

You always have the option open to ask a recruiter about the next step such as you could follow up. In case the interviewer informs about contacting in a week’s time, for the time being it is ok. Once it crosses nearly 10 days, you must know how to follow up after an interview without being pushy.


“Hi (Recruiters/hiring managers Name)—I hope it has been a great week. You mentioned about finalizing on the Marketing Manager position this week. I am eager to have an update. And if required I will provide any additional information to assist your decision-making process, please keep me informed!”


Thank-You Note

The Thank-you notes do matter. They offer you a great opportunity to follow up. You can send them after the interview immediately. You can make use of the moment and add more value.


Of course, your follow-up email should first be a thank you note. This should be sent without fail in no later than 24 hours of completing the interview. The note should be friendly, brief and conversational, restating your concern in the job and the relevant details you are qualified with. This Thank you note offers great opportunity adding significant information. An example is:


Hi [interviewer name],


Thank you for the interview today. After knowing more about the position from you, I’m truly excited to join your team and assist [creating world-class marketing campaigns, increase revenue, inspire prospective clients, and be an asset, etc.] for [company name].


I believe my past experience will be a suitable fit for your company. However, please keep me posted on the hiring process status. Looking forward to speaking soon with you in person.


Warm regards,

[Your name]

Mobile number


Knowing how to follow up after an interview helps as you may impress the employer of being a great value addition to the company. Do not miss this opportunity to remind them of the reasons for deserving this job. You can relate to something discussed during the interview, showing you are passionate about this job.