Follow up email after application

Follow up email after application

Sending a resume for a job and hearing nothing is certainly disheartening. You need not keep sitting on pins looking for a response. Wait for a week or two, and consider a follow up email after application. Here is a follow-up email


Subject: Following up on [position title] application




Hi [Name of the hiring manager],


I hope everything is going good. I recently applied in your company for the [position title] and wish to check your decision timeline. I understand you are busy, but I am excited to join your esteem company and (state how you can benefit the work position such as bringing in more clients or anything that you will be doing).


Please let me know for any additional information required from me as you move to the hiring process next stage.


Looking forward to hearing from you,


[Your name]


Your mobile number

Email address


Follow up email

Pro Tips

In case even after sending this note, you do not hear anything in a week’s time, follow up again. There is no harm in being pleasantly persistent.


Waiting between a job application and the time of hearing back from them is daunting.  You can always consider writing a follow up email after application and set yourself apart, just do not be pushy.


Writing the Followup Email Tips

  • Give a few days. The general consensus is your follow-up should be done after a week’s or ten days time. This is because there may be many as you, who have applied and sorting the applications to find suitable candidates takes time.
  • Honestly, some hiring managers do not prefer receiving follow up emails. They consider it a tactic to grab attention, while some consider it your passion and enthusiasm making you outstanding from the crowd.
  • Address to the correct person your email to whom you applied for the job. Address him by his name or write as “Dear Hiring Manager”.
  • Maintain perfect greeting and subject line. Do not forget to add “Dear” before the hiring manager’s name. You may start the email body of the letter immediately. Do not become informal and say “Hi” or “Hey”, keep things formal.
  • Keep the subject, “Application Follow-Up for the Position”. If there is some reference number, add it.



Mention the position you applied for. Keep it simple and short. Just start with the date you applied for the position, and that you did not hear from them. You can say like this:


Dear Mr. (Name of the hiring manager),


I applied, last week, for the position (name) you advertised. I have not heard from your Company regarding this position and wish to confirm my application was received.


In one or two sentences, inform the hiring manager your excitement to work in this position and how you will be a proper fit. This reinforces you to be considered for the position.


Please contact me any time for clarifications or materials, looking forward to hearing and thank you for your time.





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