Five Skills Every Man Should Perfect

Five Skills Every Man Should Perfect

Gone are the days when you needed to be a skilled hunter, patient fisherman, and cunning camper to be successful as a man, but that doesn’t mean that you can go through life with no skills other than being the best sniper on the Metro map in Battlefield 3. If you want to be a successful, respected man of action, then you’ll need to have some skills to back up your swagger. The following five skills are one that no man should be without:

Attracting the Attention of a Busy Bartender

Knowing where to position yourself to attract the attention of a bartender is a skill that will make you one of the most popular people at the bar. The trick is to stand close to the bartender’s station, and have your money in hand so he knows you need served. Be sure to tip well, otherwise you’ll be waiting a long time for your next round.

Felling a Tree

They may not teach you how to fell a tree in grad school, but it’s still a useful skill to have. Make one cut straight in to the tree in the direction you want the tree to fall, and make a second at a 60 degree angle to that cut. This is a wedge cut which will guide the tree when it falls. The third, hinge cut is made on the other side of the tree. Once the tree starts to topple, walk away. Don’t stop to watch. You want to be well clear of the tree when it falls.


Welding is a very valuable skill. There are several different kinds of welding. The easiest one to learn is stick welding, which will be useful for mending fences and doing basic metalwork for the house. Taking a course in welding is a good idea – sure, you could learn how to do it yourself, but a trip to A&E for serious burns from doing something wrong or forgetting some safety gear isn’t exactly manly…

Jump Starting a Car

Nobody wants to be at the mercy of the AA for a flat battery. A wise man always keeps a set of jump leads in his car. So, all you should need is a good Samaritan with a working car to help you out. Shut off the working car’s engine, and pop the hood. Remove the rubber caps protecting the battery terminals on each car, and identify the positive and negative terminals on each car. The negative terminal is usually connected to the frame of the car by a short black cable. Connect the dead battery’s positive terminal to the good battery’s positive terminal, then the good battery’s negative to the engine block or chassis of the dead battery’s car. Start the working car and run it for five minutes, then try the dead car. Hopefully, the dead battery will start. If it doesn’t it’s time to admit defeat and call a tow truck.

 Get a Table in a Restaurant

If you’ve forgotten to make an important reservation, and you remember on the day, dress smartly, and drop by in person (preferably between Lunch and Dinner when it’s quiet). Try to find a sympathetic looking staff member. Explain your quandary to them, and emphasize that the person the booking is for loves the restaurant. Hopefully they’ll be sympathetic. It helps if you’re a regular (and have made yourself known to a few staff members), but you might get lucky. If the staff do help you out, be sure to leave a generous tip.

This post was written by James Harper on behalf of Westermans International who can supply most types of welding hardware. Learning a new skill is not only fun but a great way to develop as a person.