Electricians interview questions

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Electricians interview questions


There are a lot of Electricians interview questions that you would encounter when you apply for the job. Therefore, you should find the right help so you could prepare them easily.


Question 1: What lamp is that?

When the interviewer asks you this question, you would usually be given the lamp. Then, you would need to explain the information about this lamp. For example, you could tell the model of it and the function of it. You could also mention information like the price of it if you know.


Question 2: How many years have you worked in this industry?

Usually, you can direct them to read your resume. If they do not have resume in their hand, you could try to tell them the number of years and the position of you in the previous employers. If you have worked for a long period of time, you should have worked for different projects as different job titles.


Question 3: What is the failure that you have encountered in this job?

You need to tell the thing honestly. If you have suffered a lot in a previous project you need to tell and share the experience. Of course, you are expected to mention that you have learnt something from the failure or otherwise you could not show that you have grown from the mistakes.


Question 4: Are you honest?

If you say that you are not an honest person it is likely that you would not be hired. However, you should add something in addition to mentioning that you are honest. For example, you would need to explain why you think so.


Question 5: Why do you want to work in this field?

If you previously studied some programs which are not related to electricians, it is likely that you would be asked this question.


Question 6: If your co-worker has negative feedback towards you, what would you do?

You do not need to afraid of telling the real action that you would take. But normally you could answer things like you would communicate with them continuously and understand the whole issue before taking further action.


Question 7: How much do you know about the current industry?

You just need to tell everything you know about the industry now so as to show that you are up to date.


Question 8: How to resolve the conflict between colleagues?

If you work in the management level, you need to deal with conflict so you need to tell your steps for dealing with these conflicts.


Question 9: Can you tell me about yourself?

You need to grab the one minute time to introduce yourself well and let them have the interest to ask you follow up questions.


Question 10: Do you have any reference from your previous employer?

If yes, you can let them know and put some of the reference letters for them to read. If you have attached the letters in the previous resume submission, you can remind your interviewer for that.

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