Don’t Ignore SEO for Dynamic Websites

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Well there are many websites/blogs talking about SEO of static websites. I don’t know why these blogs are purely focused  on static websites even though now almost 40-50% applications that are running are dynamic and fetching data from   databases or  any other data source. Now its era of e-commerce and internet technologies and we can not just leave them. SEO techniques are almost same as when   we compare to static websites, but we need to add extra efforts to steps to make then seo friendly

MYTH: Blogs are better as compared to websites in terms of SEO. Many people say that they don’t want a website rather   they want a blog which is more SEO friendly.

Some points to know:

– Blogs have already inbuilt SEO features  whereas you have to do  in dynamic websites by yourself.

– Blogs are easy to manage or easy to add content, it is a pain for websites.

– Blogs will never be as fast as websites. If you have a blog with certain set of images, layout and widgets and    you create similar website , then website will perform better.

In nutshell, blogs are easy to create and manage ,but if you have some one who can work for adding articles or adding   pages , then I will suggest to go for a website

Now lets talk about SEO of dynamic websites.

Dynamic websites: Websites which are created using programming languages like Java, php ,asp and they pull data from   data source and show them in page.

1) Problems in indexing dynamic urls:

In dynamic website the pages are created using some search queries and they pull   data accordingly, say a url is created like: Here the search   engine crawler is not able to read dynamic urls and cannot understand “?city=lincoln&age=20” ,so now that page is not easily indexed.  So here you can make this dynamic url to static url. You can convert this to

Isn’t it good looking url ,it just looks like a tree or directory structure, Search engine will love this. You can do this by properly defining URL rewrites for your uls in .htaccess file. You will get plenty of information in   internet for this conversion.

Case Study :   I was working on a website which is a free job portal in USA ( Now it has jobs,   but no job is indexed by Google.  It has URL’s like you can open this url.   Now I want to make it SEO friendly, I changed my .htaccess file and made it as below .I was still not satisfied and want more optimization, then I added title also in url, so now my URL became SOA Architect Now I am happy and google started indexing my jobs , I got about 100 keywords ranked in 3 month’s time.   That was good. Try playing with .htaccess and you can really make very good links.

2) You can tell Google that which variable in URL they have to ignore. Go to Google webmaster tool, authenticate your  self as owner of website and then go to “site configuration” , select “settings”  and then  “Parameter handling” , there you can define variables which you want  Google to ignore.

3) Do not use SessionID’s in URL’s.

4) You need to have a page (preferably static) which has links to these dynamic urls. Don’t forget to add proper title  tags or these urls. For example : check this webpage –  < a href=” Support Agents with Korean or Mandarin”    target=”_&quot;blank&quot;” title=”job-Customer Support Agents with Korean or Mandarin” >     Customer Support Agents with   Korean or Mandarin< /a>

5) De-index stubs: Website stubs – say you have a shopping cart and there are no products for range “5$-10$” and when someone searches, it   gives no result. These are called website stubs are very annoying to search engines. You need to remove them from getting   indexed and the best way will be to use robots Meta tags or robots.txt file

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