Different types of Website Links

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Different types of Website Links The methods explained below to link different websites are used by SEO persons as an Search Engine Optimization Technique in order to improve rankings.

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The various ways of linking are:–

1. Reciprocal Link:– A mutual link between too sites is known as Reciprocal Link.If we have two sites “A” and “B”. If site “a” links to site “B” and “B” site is linked to site “A”. Then we say both the sites are reciprocally linked to each other. Web site owners generally submit their sites to reciprocal link exchange directories in order to get higher search rankings. But if you should always be more inclined to natural link building.You can do this by following Organic SEO techniques.

2. Three way Linking:– It is a kind of reciprocal Linking. If we are having 3 sites “A”, “B” and “C” and if A is linked to B, B is linked to C => A is also linked to C. The value of the link by Three Way Linking is considered better than Reciprocal Linking. But it is considered unethical so one should not use such a technique.

3. One Way Linking:– One Way Link is a hyperlink that points to a website without any reciprocal link. This type of link is also known as Incoming or Inbound Link and is considered as a natural way of linking sites. There are may directories where you can submit your sites link to get natural one way link.

4. Resource Linking:– Links which can act both as One -way link as well as Two -way link is called Resource Link. Resource Links are generally considered of good quality and relevant. Because few linking methods explained below are used only as “spam” and to fool search engines.

5. Multi way Linking:– It is type of web promotion scheme where websites create on-way links among 3 or more sites. This technique is used to create one-way non-reciprocal link.Now a days search engine give much more importance to one-way non-reciprocal links as compared to reciprocal Links.

6. Link campaign:– It is a kind of online SEO Services marketing strategy for SEO. It is done inorder to increase the number of visitors to the site by making sure that professional organizations, suppliers and customers add link from there websites. It involves mutual links back and forth to related sites.

7. forum signature:– It is way to build back links to a site. It is fast method of building inbound links to the site.. This is the process of using forum communities that allow outbound hyperlinks in their member”s signature. This can be a fast method to build up inbound links to a website; it can also produce some targeted traffic if the website is relevant to the forum topic. It should be stated that forums using the no follow attribute will have no actual Search Engine Optimization value. Author is related to Affordable SEO Service provider company which helps you to Market your site. Author frequently write articles on SEO Services and benefits of Search engine optimization success

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