Data Entry interview questions

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Data Entry interview questions


There are so many things that you need to prepare if you want to successfully be hired as the data entry staff. Therefore, you need to learn the information related to the way that you can answer the Data Entry interview questions well.


Question 1: What is your weakness?

If you pay attention to the question, you would know that you are expected to answer one question instead of more. Therefore, you have to find one weakness that you can justify. You may need to cite examples about the way that the weakness hurt your life. You are also expected to give suggestion on the way that you can follow to improve the weakness.


Question 2: Have you worked with Microsoft programs before?

The programs of Microsoft, such as Word and Excel, are the basic programs that people working in the data entry field would need to use. Therefore, you cannot say that you are new to these programs. Instead, you have to let the interview know that you are knowledgeable in these programs and you can master them well.


Question 3: What did you do in your previous work?

You just need to tell the truth and you can let them know the reason why you left as well.


Question 4: Why do you want to work here?

You can share with them the motivation for you to work in the company and it can be something passionate or realistic.


Question 5: How do you respond to changes?

In the data entry field, there can be a lot of changes in the programs or the codes that you use. Therefore, you have to be able to cope with changes.


Question 6: What are your strengths?

These strengths should be matched with the job requirement that you need to perform. You may need to be detail-oriented and deadline-oriented if you want to be the data entry staff.


Question 7: Do you have something interesting to share with us?

This question has to be prepared in advanced actually. It would be very difficult for you to generate one when you are nervous during the interview process. You need to recall your memory about a good or funny thing before you go to the interview.


Question 8: Which programs are you good at other than Microsoft Office?

You just need to explain the competencies in computer skills that you have got.


Question 9: What would you do in this company after 5 years?

You would need to find your career path in the company and you cannot say that you would stay at the same job title for 5 years.


Question 10: How would you contribute to this company?

Apart from working, you should also be responsible for teaching the newcomers and let them grow. In this way, the whole company would grow because everybody working in the company would be willing to share their knowledge and information to the others and work together instead of being very selfish or self-centered for themselves.

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