Cover letter Tips for Teachers

Cover letter Tips for Teachers

Are you applying for a teaching position? There are several things which is required for this position like resume, certifications copy, cover letter and college transcripts.


What to include in cover letter?

This is the cover letter which gives first impression to the perspective employer. When you are writing cover letter for teaching position, it’s important to include information of your teaching experience. When including all of this information in your letter sticks to the good stuff. Your cover letter is not supposed to be a resume in form of letter. It should be concise, one-page attention grabber.

Use the cover letter as an opportunity to make yourself standout from the other teachers applying for the position. Customize the letter to show that you are seriously interested in the job. Taking the extra time on your cover letter can make all the difference in landing your dream teaching job.



Prepare your application matter in advance

Keep in mind you are highlighting your teacher education and certifications in your cover letter. Make a backup of your certifications, college transcripts in the case the original one is lost or damaged. It is a good idea to have copies of these ready to go so you can quickly add them to your application document.


Official transcripts can take some time to receive from your college or university. Plan ahead and request both your official transcripts (sealed in envelope) and unofficial transcripts (sometimes available and printable online) from the registrar’s office. There is usually a small fee to obtain the official copy of your transcript, and most colleges will send them to you via email or directly to the institution requesting the transcript.


Unofficial transcripts are sometimes accessible online through your university’s website, but all schools have different policies when it comes to transcripts.  It is important to plan ahead and know these policies, so you are not delayed in submitting your application for the job opening.