Cover Letter Tips for Software Developer

Cover Letter Tips for Software Developer


Every Cover letter needs to do one thing well: Persuade. Explain why you are the ideal candidate for the job. Read the job announcement carefully. Visit the company’s website and read a bit about it. Then you can write your letter to make your case for being invited to an interview. Connect your skills, experiences and interest to the points made in the job announcement.

Here’s where you’d start:

  • At first, In 3 lines, describe who you’re what you’ve done, what you want to do next, and what ultimately makes you stand out among the crowd


  • List out all of your jobs and the business value of each of your accomplishments. Order them in reverse chronological order. Include any skills or frameworks used in these jobs so that you can convey what you’ve been working on recently.


  • List out your education, calling out a few key classes (only if you’re a recent college graduate). Order them in reverse chronological order. Professional resumes go here if they’re recognizable (i.e. accredited and respected institutions).


  • List out a few extracurricular activities. This is your opportunity to say who you are when you’re not working and hopefully connect with your interviewers on a more personal level. Remember though to keep this professional- like. For example, volunteering, Side projects, sports etc. are all good and show work-life balance. Stay away from things that would make it seems like it’s a distraction from you working there.


This is your CV and it’s more important to keep it updated as you progress in career. Be honest, enthusiastic, and specific.