Cover letter Tips for Actor

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Cover letter Tips for Actor

Whether or not you are starting an acting career, writing a letter to an agent or talent management company is never easy. Here are some acting tips when writing cover letters for agents and managers:

  • Make it look pretty

Spend some quality time with Microsoft word, or your chosen composition program. Get back to basics and model your visual structure after a traditional business letter.


  • Research your Target

Figure how you should address the letter. If you are submitting to a boutique agency, for ex snoop around online, or plug into the grapevine and see if you can figure out exactly who will be reading your submission. Make sure you call everyone by their appropriate titles.


  • Follow Directions

Most agencies will post submission guidelines on their websites. Make sure you follow those instructions correctly.


  • Include the appropriate information

Even if it is on your attaché resume, make sure you have all your contact information, including the URL to your website, On Your Cover Letter, Probably beneath your typed name at the bottom.


  1. Watch your tone

Ideally, you want to sound confidently professional, yet warm and approachable. Make it sound like you, but on your best behavior.


  • Offer them Opportunities

If you are in an upcoming production, offer to comp them, even if you have to buy the tickets out-of-pocket. The more of your work they see the better your chances.


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