Cover Letter Sample for Surveyor

Cover Letter Sample for Surveyor

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Dear Mr. Last Name,

I was excited to read new parkland’s advertisement for a land surveyor as my qualification fit the position. I am fully licensed by the state of California and have a bachelor’s degree in surveying. Additionally I have nine years of experience working as a land surveyor.

After completing my land surveyor training and receiving my license I was hired by new city land as their land surveyor. In this position I have work closely with survey parties to correctly map land feature and to accurately develop data from photogrammetric records. I routinely collaborated with engineers and architects to communicate for successful completion of planned city projects and developments. I have exceptional ability to make sketches and to accurately determine methods and procedures to maintain survey controls. I am highly organized and produce great sketches.   

It would mutually benefit us if we could meet up for a follow up interview where I can show you some of my work. Thank you for your valuable time and consideration.

Yours sincerely,