Cover letter for resume examples for students



Cover letter for resume examples for students

Being a student is easy, but when you are looking for part-time jobs by being a student, that might be a bit tough. You need to express yourself in a professional way and this requires a bit of expertise from your end. You should keep in mind the job you are applying for and also the requirements of the same. Also, your cover letter should be well presented and logical in its outlook. In order to help you understand better, here are some examples to help you understand the process of creating a good cover letter better.



Sample Students Cover letter

Dear (name of the person),

My proven record of successfully performing complex analysis on various organizations makes me an ideal candidate for the Analyst opportunity that you have listed through the ABC News.

According to your specifications, you are looking for someone who possesses leadership qualities, qualitative, reasoning and analytical skills. Last summer I had the opportunity to serve as an intern in First Real Estate Corporation. Thus, I had a fair first- hand experience of all the qualities you are looking for. This process also helped me to gather the qualitative and managerial skills that were required from the coursework.

My ability to work as a team player with other members of the team also contributes to the success of the projects I undertake. Thus, I believe that with these qualities I can definitely apply for internship at your company. I do look forward to discuss the opportunity with you in more details. Let me know when you can schedule a meeting for the same.


(Name of the applicant)




Sample Students Cover letter

Respected Sir/Madam,

This letter is in reference to the job requirement published on ABC NEWS regarding the requirement of a summer intern for management. I would like to apply for the required post.

In your requirements you have mentioned that you are looking for a person with leadership qualities. I believe that the summer intern project I completed last year for my coursework will be a perfect match for this. During the project, I visited the State Real Estate Corporation where I worked with the finance group and assisted the staff with their problems. Thus, I played an active role in managing as well as working with the team.

Generally in a project, my communication skills, my logical deductions, my reasoning allows me to interact fluently with my team members, thereby allowing me to solve the issue in a much less time. Other than this, I am good at taking instructions and also good with leadership qualities and managing people.

Hence, I would like to request you to consider my candidature for the same. Please find my detailed resume attached with this cover letter. I would like to discuss this opportunity in detail at a time and venue of your preference. Let me know when I can expect a reply from your end regarding the same. Awaiting your response.


(name of the applicant)


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