contract to hire jobs

contract to hire jobs

Advantages and Disadvantages of C2H Jobs

The contract to hire jobs are offered to those who are willing to work for a set period on contract basis and at the end of the contract period the employer will either make him a permanent employment or terminate his service. The C2H arrangement is made by many companies and this option enables the employers to assess the performance of an employee before making him permanent. Moreover, this kind of agreement ensures a trial period for both the employer and employee before making it a permanent affair. During the evaluation period of this agreement, the company can ensure to appoint the best candidate for the position without affecting its initiatives.

The contract to hire jobs will end up as short term contracts if the targets are not fixed properly by the employer or both sides fail to make it a successful contract. Proper and timely interaction between employer and the employee can make the agreement successful. When the contract-to-hire agreement is implemented in the proper way, it will not fail.contract to hire jobs


Benefit to the employee

In contract to hire jobs the employee gets sufficient time to learn about the company, get familiar to its work culture and identify the job responsibilities. The employee also has the opportunity to prove his worth and demonstrate his capabilities. On the basis of his performance during the contract period he can effectively negotiate the salary and other aspects of the job in case the employer considers him for the permanent job.


Disadvantages to employee

The employees who take up contract to hire jobs have no financial or job security. Other than the agreed salary, no benefits will be provided during the contract period and at the end of the contract period if the employer decides to terminate his service he will not be entitled to any severance. At the end of the contract period if the employer decides to send him out the contractor has to again start his job search.


Aspects to be considered by the employer

Prior to offering the contract to hire jobs, the employer has to go through the details regarding the skills, qualification and work experience of the contractor. The employer must ensure that the candidate is fit for the job. The employer should also know about the background as well as career-goals of the contractor and should see to it that the career goals of the candidate match with the job for which he is being considered. The expectations of the employer regarding the performance of the contractor as well as the final results must be made clear to the contractor before he starts working and there should be periodic reviews of performance and progress. During the tenure of the contract the employer should also find out the attitude of the candidate with regard to system access, working overtime and travel.


Decision by the employee

At the end of the contract, in case the employer is satisfied with the performance of the candidate and comes forward to offer him a permanent job, the candidate should check whether the contract-to-hire employees of the company in the past were successful and are able to be in a smooth and comfortable job in the company. If the answers to these questions are in the affirmative and if the employee is convinced that the job offered by the employer is in alignment with his career goals and if it is a stable company, then there will not be any risk for the employee in accepting the job.