Common mistakes during an interview

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There are many small mistakes which are very common and can lead to rejections in interviews.

One of the most important thing is to focus on the verbal expressions that will help us in getting

our jobs. All applicants may have same type of degrees , resumes  and  experiences but we

can differ our self  by  our expressions and way of talking.

While interview we have to focus on our verbal cues so that we can make good impression over the interviewer.


 1) Hand shake : It depends on you how you can do it. Always try to hand shake in a

soft and firm manner . Never try it so hard as to break the bones

2) Eye contact : eye contact is an important key factor during an interview. Too much

of eye contact leads to irritation and aggression while little eye contact makes you

dishonest and as if you are not interested in the task or you  are hiding yourself. So always

try to make balance in your eye contact, for example if you have an interview of about

20 minutes, it doesn’t mean that u are continuously starring to your boss for 20 minutes

or when you come out you didn’t even know the color of eyes of the boss.

3) Eye rolling : during an interview eye rolling makes  bad impression of yours. during

interview the interviewer think that you are not interested in chatting or you have some

other better options

4) Posture: always try to sit straight and be alert,don’t try to be over confident.

 5) Tapping: never try to tap your fingers or foot during an interview .it makes

irritation to the interviewer which can lead to rejections.

6) Voice :  This is mainly for telephonic interview, always keep your voice normal,

not too loud nor too low. Always be confident while answering your questions, don’t

make use of such words ”like”, ‘hmm’ ”ahh” , it makes your interviewer think that you

are not confident or you are not listening him properly.


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