Causes and complication of cerebral palsy

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cerebral palsy

Cerebral palsy is a group of disorders that mainly affects  body movements, balance and posture. In simple words Cerebral palsy  is also known as BRAIN PARALYSIS. It mainly affects the early childhood i.e. during infancy . In this disease , there is delay in the developmental milestones such as rolling , crawling, sitting and walking. There are many causes of  cerebral palsy.

Cerebral palsy  mainly begins in  prenatal period because of  events happened during pregnancy, when the fetus is developing inside the mother’s womb. Other important cause is premature birth. Children that mainly born prematurely can develop serious respiratory problem due to improper development of lungs . This can lead to  decreased oxygen to the brain that results in cerebral palsy. In some  premature infants there is development of some holes in the white matter of brain  called peri ventricular leuko malacia. The white matter is mainly responsible  for the normal processing of signals that are transmitted throughout the brain and from brain to the rest of the body.

Other cause include accidents of brain development, genetic disorder, stroke or blood clots. The other important causes of cerebral palsy involves birth asphyxia in which there is lack of oxygen to the brain  during delivery occurs. Less common factors like child abuse during infancy can also lead to brain damage and results in cerebral palsy.


There are many complications of cerebral palsy . Some of them are as follows..

1) Contracture–

Contracture mainly involves shortening of the muscle tissue due to tightening of muscle. Contractures reduces  bone growth and causes bones to bend results in joint deformities  or dislocation.

2) Malnutrition–

In cerebral palsy there is swallowing or feeding problems that leads to malnutrition .

3) Depression–

                                            Cerebral palsy patient challenges certain disabilities and that leads to social deprivation and patient feels depressed.

4) Early aging–

Early aging results due to stress on body or poor development of heart, lungs or other body organs.

5) Osteoarthritis–

There is abnormal alignment of joints due to spasticity and results in degenerative bone disease called as osteoarthritis.

6) Post impairment syndrome–

Due to stress on body , there is pain, fatigue or weakness in the body that alter everyday functions.

  Other less complications are Bowel obstruction, Pneumonia by choking, reduced communication skills or scoliosis.

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