Why and How cashless society is planned

Why and How cashless society is planned
India like other developed countries is now moving towards cashless society. India can see the effect and will have long term benefits.
People must start to understand the need for change.
Very well said by Mahatma Gandhi :  images

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.”



People want the change and want to see corruption less India , but they don’t want to change themselves. Now with gradual flow of cash,people are forced to change themselves.
They felt the need of bank accounts and opened accounts. They felt the need of online /mobile payment ways and started using them.

Sometimes things need to be forced as many a times they are taken for granted. For example, people are told to open bank accounts from long time.


Some real benefits of demonetization:
– Rise of cashless society will really help in tracking transactions and it will be tough for businesses to hide earned income for tax purposes.
– Long time in cash flows is enabling people and merchants to use online tracking payment systems.
– A big amount of unaccounted tax is already been taken by government and going forward people will be depositing more for taxes.
– Fake currency out of circulation in one stroke.
– Less riots.
– Kashmir back to normal state.
– Jan dhan accounts are fulled of money.


Lets help each other in this phase and empower ourselves. Instead of complaining about processes , lets help people and government in implementing this.