Cashier resume example

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Cashier resume example

Some people think that it is very troublesome and difficult to write good resume. However, you actually can find that there are many things for you to rely on when you construct your resume. You would find that there are some useful resume examples for you to follow whenever you write the resume. With the resume example, you could have a good experience with that.


When you apply for a job like cashier, you would still need to prepare and submit the resume. Therefore, you need to learn the right approach to write the good resume for cashier job. You need to state all the previous work experiences that you think are relevant. If you cannot find a lot of job experiences which can show that you are capable for the job, you can try to mention some of the projects that you have done in school. These projects should demonstrate that you are a careful person and you have good ability to calculate basic things. When you work as the cashier, the ability for you to calculate things accurately and quickly is very important so you should not ignore it.


You do not need to use a lot of complicated structures to write the resume sample. Instead, you can simple go straight to the point and mention everything in your mind. Your employers would not want to spend a lot of time to find the hidden meaning of the resume so you should always find the right approach to mention things directly.


Cashier resume example


Milton Henderson

320 SDD Street,

230, NY

Cell number: 230-230-XXXX

Email: [email protected]




To pursue a position of cashier with good ability in math


Key skills

–          Good mathematical skills and is able to manage the daily transactions well

–          Willing to take up further roles to manage the workplace

–          Good analytical skills and is able to express ideas

–          Good communicate skills which can help communicate with clients and colleagues

–          Could get well in a team and can work independently as well

–          Willing to learn from examples and lead the others

–          Could learn things fast and teach the others efficiently

–          Able to manage integrate technology with cashier job


Work Experience


Cashier, SDE Mart

2010 – 2011


–          Received training for cashier role

–          Managed cash transactions 8 hours a day

–          Balanced the inventory of cash every day

–          Assisted the manager to keep the accurate of cash balance of the shop

–          Helped the administrative work


Cashier, SDDC Mart



–          Handled transaction with cash and credit cards

–          Assisted the head cashier to keep good inventory of cash

–          Regularly helped the stock-taking of the whole store

–          Maintained the accounts of the shop with the team

–          Participated in the design of accounting system of the shop


Educational Qualifications


High Diploma fromSDNHigh Schoolin SDM,Florida

Basic Office Course fromCSDCenter



Available on request


Expected salary

Upon negotiation

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